Seven tips for driving safely in the mud

Of course it is always advisable to drive on paved roads on holiday but sometimes it is necessary to drive on a dirt road, because of the rain that has become a quagmire. It’s easy to get caught or for your vehicle to be damaged.

Drive slowly . You are less likely to slip if you take the easy way. Move with low gears to better control the situation.

Never hasten thoroughly . All you get is that the wheels spin faster and deeper grooves are formed. Result, mud sticks in the wheels faster and become more difficult to make any movement.

Undoubtedly, the better to move in the mud is the all-wheel drive . Then there are those who prefer front-wheel drive and the weight of the engine is on the drive, it is best to orient the wheels to come out in the right direction and is more effective pull to push. If you have a vehicle with rear-wheel drive , it should load the trunk so that there is more weight on the rear axle that moves the car. Those who prefer this drive say it is better to leave when you get stuck, because based countersteer from one place to another is easy for the car ended up getting traction in the rear wheels off the hook (but you leave enough tires in the operation.

Escape from the grooves and ruts . Look for more compact to fit your tires areas, high areas of the road. The grooves are more humid, and so are more muddy and slippery.

Try to step on the brakes slightly . In general, it is best to maneuver around with the pedals. If you go down, you go to places flatter or simply move slowly. Do not step on the brake to slow down, play with the gears.

If you get stuck in the mud , it is best to calm down. Before you do anything, get out of the vehicle. Look at the lay of the land to see what the easiest way to get out. Normally do a flat out: Take stones, small trunks, or gravel back and make a way to get the tires remain as close to the “path” as (Focus on the rear wheels possible if you have rear-wheel drive ). But slowly salt (do not rush a lot, remember the first rule), moving the car very slowly forward. Move the steering wheel slowly until the tires grip the ground. You might not go out to the first and have to go changing the arrangement of the objects you’ve placed in the drive wheels. Do not despair, you’ll end up dating.Patience.

Always carry a mobile phone in the car. As a last resort, you can always call and ask for help. In the event that your vehicle has faults and needs replacement parts you can visit Car Part Finder NI where your request will be received by dozens of car parts suppliers and breakers throughout Northern Ireland or for those of you in the Republic of Ireland check out Car Parts Finder Ireland.