Road Scenerios

Although we are not novice drivers, we all have doubts at certain times if we have a preference or not.The most common is that common sense will help us solve most situations. Although there are always drivers that some of these doubts make them offenses or, worse, in a traffic accident. We show some of the most frequent cases of used cars for you to avoid negligence that may become a bigger problem. Of course driving in different countries you need to be aware of different rules and scenarios that you may come against. driving cars in Northern Ireland is completely different to driving in the Us. Apart from the main difference of using the different sides of the road, there is also other factors, like being able to turn right on a red light in the Us where as you are not allowed to do this  in the UK or Ireland

Multi-lane roundabout


Just think of the roundabout as a two-lane highway and a way out of the vehicle you want to access the left lane, the priority is obviously the one on the right wing. The same rule be followed in the roundabouts with more than two lanes: the left one always has to give way to the right.

Rail input and output interlaced


There are some lanes on certain roads, such as the M-40 in Madrid, where some lanes are used to join the main road or to leave it . It is customary that when one wants to leave, find another who wants to join. Typically in such cases the person who wants to join accelerate and decelerate want to leave. The preference is the same for both , but this is where common sense says that you can lift off the throttle and yield step incorporated.

Narrow sections

In some narrow stretches of road where there is room for two vehicles traveling in opposite directions and there is no sign indicating who has the preference, the code says it will have a preference between the first or the one with the most difficulty maneuvering : trucks first, followed by passenger cars and motorcycles. However, if given station on a road with steep, preference will always be the vehicle that is ascending .


Sometimes when making a turn we run into pedestrians crossing through an area with no pedestrian crossing. Although this often leads to anger the driver, the truth is that the pedestrian always has priority, although there is a zebra crossing . Especially if you ride by a roadside where there is not enabled a pedestrian area.

Also remember that pedestrians are falling or rising to a bus at a marked stop, take precedence if they are between the bus and the nearest pedestrian area. Organized processions, school rows or troops in training will also have priority.

Crossing in front


It is not uncommon reach a crossroads where you want to make a left turn and you find another oncoming car and intends to do the same turn or go straight and also both have a yield sign. Very easy: first you start the maneuver.

Via paved versus unpaved road

It is usual that has intersections with roads unpaved roads. There should be no doubt in such cases, but remember that under any concept always has the preference the car driving on the paved road .



It is interesting to know the rights and duties of cyclists and drivers on the road, to improve security. Acyclist always have preference when a car, to make a turn to the right or left, I find. The cyclists riding in a group take precedence in a crossing when the first initiated the maneuver or in the case of a roundabout, the first entered.